Jiajia Zhang



Artist’s book for Jiajia Zhang on her solo exhibition “If Every Day Were a Holiday, Towns Would Be More Mysterious”, which was presentes at the Coalmine in Winterthur. The publication is an extension and continuation of the research for the exhibition and contains photographs, text images and excerpts from video works by the artist. This material is complemented by three text contributions by curator Annette Amberg, critic and author Quinn Latimer and the collective Shanzhai Lyric (Ming Lin and Alex Tatarsky). “If Every Day Were a Holiday, Towns Would Be More Mysterious” examines time as a referential quantity for understanding our world. Time as a division into units, into working hours and leisure days, for example, but also time as a lived experience. Especially in view of the “current pandemic”, we have been moving for a year now in a perpetual state between passivity and action. It is this ambivalent in-between space that interests Jiajia Zhang: “Between going outside and retreating into one's own home, between entering as a guest and being rejected as a potential virus carrier, between freshening up and crumpling, between opening and refusal”. The result was a plot about 20 metres long which can be opened and contemplated through conscious confrontation. This creates a moment in time. In collaboration with David Zwicker. Font: Obround Heavy, David Zwicker