A publication that deals with the topic of fetishism. Dream and nightmare, two extremes so far apart and yet so close. A narrative that is merely interpreted differently. The visual and acoustic expression of bodily perception and emotion is difficult to grasp and classify, as one person's sexual fantasies become another's nightmare, and vice versa. In a fetish, body parts, objects or situations are fragmented and sexual desire is focused on these fragments. Acting out the fetish can be liberating and increase sexual pleasure. However, it becomes problematic when the focus is only on the individual fragment and sexual pleasure can no longer be felt without these specific stimuli. Supposedly dangerous, absurd and disturbing scenarios open up new fantasies in the human mind. But where does our society today draw the line between acceptance and contempt? A collage-like collection of fetish forum posts and found typographic fragments. These were supplemented with the controversial and questionable text “Fetischismus” by Sigmund Freud, which shaped today's understanding of the term fetish.